Committee Meeting


SEDBERGH SHOOTING CLUB Committee Meeting – 14th August 2016 Opening:         The Committee Meeting of Sedbergh Shooting Club was held in the Club Hut at Dillicar Range on 14.08.16 and opened by Chairman Doug Wilson at 12:55. Present:           Doug Wilson, Paul

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Welcome to Sedbergh Shooting Club!


Our covered firing point faces an outdoor 25m-50m range facility. We shoot Rimfire & Centre Fire Rifles / Carbines, Blackpowder Pistols and Rifles Visitors may attend, see our  ‘how to attend or join the club page’. Our normal club shoot is on a Sunday

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How to attend or join the club

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We welcome fellow target shooters and there are many ways to attend the Range. This page explains the options for you to attend. All guests are required to contact the club PRIOR to a visit, even if invited by a full member. The Secretary (or

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