How to attend or join the club


We welcome fellow target shooters and there are many ways to attend the Range. This page explains the options for you to attend.

All guests are required to contact the club PRIOR to a visit, even if invited by a full member. The Secretary (or Committee Member) must be informed at least 48 hours in advance. Full members bringing a guest are required to complete the range register, with attention to the ‘Guest visit authorised by….’ Column.

Persons who are unknown to a club member need to complete a guest questionnaire (see download link below) return it at least 72hrs before the intended visit, this is a pre-requisite before authorisation will be granted    

If the guest is under 18 they can expect a Training Officer to Coach and work with them. Juniors require a Parent or Guardian to escort them to the range, be within sight of them on the firing point and escort them from the range.

If you wish to become a probationary member, the Club would be glad to accommodate you. You can expect support and mentoring from other shooters and training if you require it. In return we require that all Probationers comply with current home office leglisation.

Full Membership (& NRA Card) can be achieved once assessed in safe practice. A shooter with an FAC & a NRA Competence Card  will require 2 visits for a minimum period of 1 month. With no FAC, a minimum of 8 visits over a period of 3-12 months is required.

Fees: Joining Fee £60 (one off once accepted) , Single Membership  £50 (Annual  Fee once  accepted as a member)

Range Fees: Guest £5, Probationer £3, Member £2 



Documents Available To Download

SSC Safety Training Program Version 2 – January 2013

SSC Theory Written Test

Guest solo Questionnaire

Club Application Form

Cover Letter Prob pack 14

Firearm Register Copy One

Firearms Act 1968 Sect21 Declaration

Membership Criteria 2014

Membership Reference copy one-1

Membership Reference copy one

Some of these documents are in Adobe Reader format, if you do not already have Adobe Reader installed on your computer you can obtain a free copy by CLICKING HERE!