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AGM – SEDBERGH SHOOTING CLUB – 16th October 2016

Opening:      The AGM of Sedbergh Shooting Club was held in the Club Hut at Dillicar Range on 16.10.14 and opened by the Chairman, Doug Wilson at 13:00.

Present:       Paul Beavan, Doug Wilson, Kay Whittle, Alan Moore, Colin Middlemiss, Paul Lancaster, John Bibby, Chris Donnelly, Alan Kirkham,  John Berry, Geoff Brown, Robert Nicholson, Daniel Nicholson, Lewis Nicholson, Jack Nickolson, Colin Renshaw, Tom Farrer, Ian Balshaw, Simon Davis, Richard Crawley, Andrew Bromley, Neil Forsyth, Tim Livsey & Simon Hazeldine.

Apologies for Absence:   Trish McTurk, Trevor McTurk, James Downer, Amy Eccleston,  Chris Walker, Elaine Walker, Dave Balch, John Seary, Diane Seary, Rowland Walmsley, Sean Beavan, Jean Beavan, Paul Brown.

Approval of AGM Minutes: The Minutes of the previous AGM (4th October 2015) were distributed. Proposed as a true by Alan Moore; Seconded by Paul Beavan. 

Matters Arising from Minutes:         None.

Chairman’s Report:          Doug Wilson.

I would like to welcome everyone to the AGM today.  Thank you all for coming, it’s wonderful to see so many faces – especially the new ones and the younger ones. Thank you also to Paul and Kay for doing great jobs as Secretary and Treasurer and to Colin Middlemiss for an excellent job of Range Maintenance.

It’s been another successful year both in terms of membership and financially; the club is going from strength to strength. Membership has increased from last years’ 78 to 86. We have made a small increase in the membership fees to cover the increased NRA fees, and for the range maintenance work we contract out, this reduces the need to call for work parties [Colin is doing a great job but at 70 is not getting any younger]. Colin and Paul are also to the thanked for their continuing work with training probationary and new members.

Another important thing that we are doing well is talking to each other. We need to stay in touch with each other, and if anyone comes across a problem then please let us know. If any member would like to present an item for discussion at a meeting, please inform the Secretary or a committee member beforehand so that we can research the item concerned.



Treasurer’s Report:                      Kay Whittle

I’m delighted to be able to inform you that we are in a very healthy financial position, with total funds of £15,356. Income for the year was £7734 – major items including Membership Fees [£42525], Range Fees [£1277], Ammunition Sales [£1256] and Equipment Sales [£525].

Expenditure was £3923. Major items were Range maintenance [£1520], NRA [£909], Ammunition [£804], Stationary and Mojo [£690].

Total Income                           £ 7734

Expenditure                             £ 3923

Profit                                       £ 3811

Last Year’s Balance                 £ 11545

This Year’s Balance                 £ 15356

The club funds are split between a Savings Account which holds £8907.29 on deposit and a Current Account with £6448.27 on 11th October.

Adoption of Treasurer’s report: Proposed by Paul Lancaster; Seconded by Ian Critchley.

Secretary’s Report:          Paul Beavan

2016 has been a positive year. Membership has increased to 86 and there are currently 6 Probationary members. Four memberships have lapsed : Andrew & Simon Kennaugh, Martin Hunt and Mike Smith. There are 15 members that paid the Annual Range Fee.

We owe a big “Thank You” to Mike Smith who has moved to the Channel Islands & has donated 3 rifles to the club; we have kept the .22 Browning and sold 2 others raising £525 for club funds – which Kay referred to earlier.

See below the current stock of firearms & Equipment owned by the club:

1 x .22 Ruger 10/22                                         (Paul Beavan)

1 x .22 Puma B/A Rifle                                    (Paul Beavan)

1 x .22 Browning B/A Rifle                              (Paul Beavan)

1 x 38/357 Marlin Under lever                       (Paul Beavan)

1 x 30 Cal M1 Carbine                                     (Colin Middlemiss)

1 x Chronograph                                              (Colin Middlemiss)

1 x Turning target                                           (Range)

1 x Petrol Strimmer                                        (Range)

Self Sealing Targets, Paper Targets                (Range)

Patches & Staples                                           (Range)

1 x Epson Printer ET 4550                               (Paul Beavan)

The Epson ET4550 printer is very cost effective on ink – using bottles of ink of cartridges.

A major change this year is the introduction of a new computer database for the administration of club – known as “Membership Mojo”. This is in order to have all the club information under one system – rather than multiple spreadsheets; the aim is to reduce the administration effort and make it easier for somebody else to pick up from the Secretary if necessary. Mojo allows the entry of membership, probationary membership, update renewals, issue of ID cards and sending of e-mails. The cost was £300 for the annual package which includes your membership card and mailing costs at £3 each.

Colin Middlemiss has been doing a fantastic job with all the range maintenance – from preparation of targets, creosoting the club buildings, shifting sand  etc. Colin has volunteered to continue as “Estate Manager” but at 70 years old is not getting any younger; if there are any members who are willing to help Colin their efforts would be gratefully received. Well done & “Thank You” to Colin.

 Paul Beavan and Colin Middlemiss have been the Training Instructors and are happy to continue, but would welcome help from younger members. Alan Moore is the club’s Legal Advisor. James Gosling is our Web Advisor.

RCO’s : 25% of SSC have joint membership with other clubs, some are NRA qualified RCO, club officials with a wealth of experience. These club members stand in as SSC club RCO’s when needed. Each club has slight differences in their commands, don’t get worked up about the slight variation, listen to what the RCO requires and carry it out! The Committee will always back the RCO: he is in charge of the firing point, maintaining safety. 

A few simple rules should be adhered to:

·          case and uncase your Firearm on the firing point, when instructed.

·         Load and unload magazines on the firing point.

·         When the RCO needs to clarify a point with a person on a detail I would ask them to do it quietly.

Finally I do wish to thank Kay for keeping the books straight, Colin for finding the faults and fixing them, Doug for his support and letting me get on with the job, and the rest of the committee for your support, it is appreciated.

Adoption of Secretary’s report: Proposed by Chris Donelley; Seconded by Alan Kirkham.

Range Maintenance Report:     Colin Middlemiss

The jobs have been kept on top of – but the main problem has been sand. It’s very sticky stuff, drainage has been a problem making it like shovelling porridge. A digger was hired at a cost of £40 to help. The only thing not yet achieved is a drainage trench by the gate. Needs to be about 8’ x 18” – too delicate a job for an unskilled digger operator and needs to be done the old fashioned way with muscle power. (John Berry has a digger licence and volunteered to help Colin along with Richard Crowley). The Loo has had its £30 annual service and the flush has had to be repaired at a cost of £66 – money very well spent!! The wooden targets are now very fragile, if they break – just knock up a new one – all the materials are there. The wooden materials for targets and repairs and new glass for broken windows has been donated by a John Heseltine – who has been given membership and Range Fees for 16 /17 for the year by way of thanks.

The 2015 Committee resigned en-block as per the constitution.

Election of Committee for 2016-2017

The Agenda has publicised the following members for office : Chairman – Doug Wilson; Treasurer –Kay Whittle; Secretary – Paul Beavan; and the following members to the committee : Colin Middlemiss, James Downer, Amy Ecclestone, Trisha and Trevor McTurk.

No other nomination have been received.

Proposed that the Committee of Eight be elected en-block Paul Beavan & Colin Middlemiss  The Committee was voted in by unanimous show of hands from the floor.

Advisors to the Committee : Alan Moore and Alan Gosling.

Any Other Business

Any issues from the floor: None.

PWB :  One major issue is that the administration of the club is dependent on a few individuals – who are all at the upper end of the age spectrum – which makes the club vulnerable if anybody develops health issues. This is one reason why Membership Mojo has been introduced. We need to start incorporating younger members into the working of the club in order to transfer knowledge. Areas where this could be done include Training and Mojo administration. At the moment only PWB can do the Mojo administration. We need a computer literate person involved; preferably younger in the 25-50 age range. We need to plan for the future now. Colin Renshaw suggested that this could be 2 roles in 2 time frames. Need to create an “under-study committee” role. Do we have approval? Unanimous show of hands to proceed was given. John Bibby expressed an interest in finding out more. Along with Neil Forsyth.

The Chairman gave thanks to all for coming along.  Meeting closed at 13:47.

These minutes were prepared by Kay our “Treasurer” once again she has done a great job “Thank You from the bottom of my heart”

Paul Beavan

Club Secretary